Entry #7

Just wanting to thank everyone.

2013-02-06 23:10:13 by rebaz

Hey everyone,

Even though i know at some point, animating sprites has been done to many times. and it always questions my mind, should i be doing this? am i getting to old for this? i hope i'm not. i'm here to thank every single one of you, even the people who arent even going to read this "post" me and David (afrodave/Mrbuttercup37) want to thank every single one of you out here, because this is where we started and this was also the place we got start to get in contact with almost every animator. we will be uploading more and more fight scenes from this point, but i also make shorts that i'd rather upload as a mp4 on newgrounds. so i still need to make use of that swivel software. other then that, besides the fight scenes you can check out our work on www.youtube.com/rebaz i hope you enjoy. and again, many thanks.


make sure you check this out, if you're a fan of abobo, or just like to hear me scream "GET TO THE CHOPPAA"

-Rebaz Talei


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2013-02-06 23:35:03

I like ya, and I want cha.


2013-02-07 00:26:29

Rock on! It was a great fight!


2013-02-07 04:43:27

Man I'm stoked how much you love DDII, I thought I was one of the only people who were a little too into it hehe.
Perhaps a duel between Burnov and Willy is a possibility in a future installment??!
Awesome fight between Abobo VS Abore btw, keep up the great work!

(Updated ) rebaz responds:

i might do a double dragon III : how it should have been. but thats for a future project =D


2013-02-07 10:37:48

Haha, right as he punched Abobo through the wall, it was all slow motion and then a firefox update screen appeared right over the movie. For a second I thought it was a joke in the actual flash. Totally epic.


2013-02-08 01:06:35

A number of things I'll say about your comments, ones I'll point out.

When you say you question your mind about should you still be doing this, I think so as long as you have the sheer ambition to continue on with your work on making flash movies then it matters not how old one is so as long as one is capable, only thing that matters so is sheer ambition, the sheer willingness, the sheer craziness to make crazy flash movies.

That said bro I'm a major fan of your flash movies, you already inspired me and I'm pretty sure you'll inspire others for your future projects to come.


2013-02-19 21:44:31

I respect your skills as a animator. But your profile pick is a little gay as fuck bro.

(Updated ) rebaz responds:

lol this actually makes me want to change it, but dont you think i'm fucking sexy? i think you are sexy man.


2013-06-01 21:01:15

Yea, your profile pic looks kinda homoerotic. Still, I´m glad to see you are still active after so many years and I´m also glad you aknowledge Roger Gargantua´s work. Back to the main point, hope you keep up working on the good ol´ animation for us fans to enjoy . Cheers!

rebaz responds:

man, just look at me, i'm fucking sexy. i'd go gay for myself.


2013-11-05 10:54:47

Never knew you was gay either. Not that i have a problem at all, more power to you.


2014-03-20 23:39:20

Yes! Let the crybabies cry, that's what they're gonna do.