i'm starting again.

2012-09-17 17:06:17 by rebaz

Sup everyone,

i started flash again. and i'm going to make some flash's from time to time. enjoy this untill the next one:


-Rebaz Talei


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2012-09-17 17:11:49

Lol, not bad. After all, the dragons are pretty good at double teaming. Drop me a line if you need another voice actor sometime!


2012-09-17 21:29:39

lol, your profile pic looks like nick jonas *seriousface* we rape nick jonas in these part son, you better high tail it back to the prettyworld. (:D)

rebaz responds:

haha i'm going to replace it as soon as i find a decent picture of a animation.



2012-09-25 22:09:24

Great to noticed your making flash movies again, perhaps you'll one day make something crazy that would get all the Double Dragon fans to go crazy over for.


2012-10-24 17:08:52

Can't wait to see more, cheers


2012-10-30 02:26:48

Just in response to your response to my comment.. (lol)

I messaged LoveYouChunk like a year ago what to do to fix that quality. He told me that it worked & the quality of all the sprites were fixed up. It wasn't that he ripped the sprites bad, it's just that some of the sprites that got imported had weird default bitmap settings in flash & it smoothed the images.

But yeah, wish he'd update it on NG with that version. That'd be cool.

rebaz responds:

i see, yeah i have been trying to get in contact with him. if i'd get some business goin on here, i'd even willing to pay him to make a part 3 and upload it on my youtube channel, ofcourse with his name all over it. but damn, he is one of the reasons i got back into flash animating. to bad he didnt upload it, i hope he will ever respond to my pm's =(


2012-10-31 18:51:40

Can't wait. Definitely one of the top 5 spriters here on NG


2013-02-03 17:32:09

My goodness, creator of "Weed all day", is officially back!

rebaz responds:

i missed you too.