smoke weed errday

2011-02-02 10:56:41 by rebaz

took a long time for me and bendo, but here it is.

abobo's amazing journey for weed smoking.

smoke weed errday


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2011-02-02 11:31:04

I smoke weed everday - I dont give a FUCK


2011-02-02 12:37:39

voted 5


2011-02-02 12:47:51

It would be cool if the author comments didn't say

"i actually dont smoke weed."


2011-02-02 12:48:23

But I still voted 5...


2011-02-02 18:28:46



2011-02-02 19:14:15 L15CY append your newspost with this masterpiece


2011-02-02 19:20:43

it feels good maaaaaan


2011-02-04 05:43:10

Oh gosh it's been awhile since you made any flash films but it's good to see you back at it.

To be honest, every time I see any Double Dragon flash movie, it always makes me think they should make another Double Dragon film, expect one with a "MUCH" more faithful adaptation to the 1st Double Dragon video game with the following ideas...

1: A much more expanded storyline
2: Lots of action in your face
3: Next Double Dragon film should be rated R since the game itself involves beating up LOTS of people in lots of crazy ways.
4: Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee using other weapons besides fist and feet (like they did in the games).
5: Other possible ideas from flash movie makers (you have some very good ideas, some of those could be used for the next film).

I noticed as of recent their in fact has been talk about another Double Dragon film in the works, if anything they should make it real good and not as another flop unlike the first one.

Other things, if you ever wish to finish up "Be Sprited 4", have it come with a whole load of craziness such as Marian getting sick and tired of being the damsel-in-distress and decide to take matters into her own hands, the crazy way, or something similar.

rebaz responds:

Thanks for the comment man, you people were mainly the reason why i started doing flash. Everyone knew that NG was missing something. to bad i'm not motivated like i used to be. i love doing flash, i'm just really lazy, and we put be sprited on stop.

i lost everyones flash files anyway, so its not going to be there.
but still thanks for the comment, sorry to disapoint you.


2011-02-04 21:38:01

I love how you mouth off to those who dont like your stupid weed bit thing. 400 hours? Get a life holmo. My fiance actually said gross when she saw your stupid ugly pic you fuck head.

rebaz responds:

this comment is so i fucking love you.


2011-02-07 14:14:03

nate dogg y'all


2011-02-09 13:52:35


by the way this is gone be legendary, submit this in some weed smoker forums !


2011-02-13 23:35:10

Scroler is a tool.


2011-03-09 15:02:32

You are mister gay... :(


2011-03-10 15:27:07



2011-03-21 18:49:05

Well well well....its good ol' Rebaz! Still a little life in the sprite flash eh?
Been watching your stuff lately. I remember the good old chats we used to have on MSN, etc. I really miss those days from time to time. Your sprite animations are still beyond amazing! I remember when you just started out but learned so quickly! Those were the top days of sprite animations on Newgrounds. And your passion for Double Dragon was unrivaled!

As for me, I am planning to make a little comeback aswell. Working on WOT-SHOTS 2 ;-)

ps. I know I can talk Dutch with you, Flevo boy...but to be formal here to others on NG, I wrote in English. :-)


2012-02-17 16:57:32

Rebaz less play more work you didn`t submitted anything People wants your animatioms