you have forgotten.

2009-08-13 19:50:42 by rebaz

forgotten? why?

never forget, Double Dragon is the best.

-Rebaz Talei


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2009-08-13 20:20:05

I miss you


2009-08-13 21:13:11

hell yeah double dragon is awesome


2009-08-13 21:39:29

You have me blocked dont you :(
I miss rebaz


2009-08-13 22:48:18

the best advice ever!


2009-12-24 03:10:01

Rebaz its Id add me to your friends list XD


2010-01-07 22:20:38

Should consider making more Flash movies if ever willing, you had some very good flash movies you made, especially the Be Sprited Series.

I remember at some time years ago you wanted to make Be Sprited 4 but it never materialized as of yet, I suppose you had tons of stuff going on in your life? Well that is understandable since real life itself dose take a heavy hold on certain people from time to time.

Either way I would love to see you make more flash films in the near future, dose not mean you have to but I encourage you to do so if ever willing.