Just wanting to thank everyone.

2013-02-06 23:10:13 by rebaz

Hey everyone,

Even though i know at some point, animating sprites has been done to many times. and it always questions my mind, should i be doing this? am i getting to old for this? i hope i'm not. i'm here to thank every single one of you, even the people who arent even going to read this "post" me and David (afrodave/Mrbuttercup37) want to thank every single one of you out here, because this is where we started and this was also the place we got start to get in contact with almost every animator. we will be uploading more and more fight scenes from this point, but i also make shorts that i'd rather upload as a mp4 on newgrounds. so i still need to make use of that swivel software. other then that, besides the fight scenes you can check out our work on www.youtube.com/rebaz i hope you enjoy. and again, many thanks.


make sure you check this out, if you're a fan of abobo, or just like to hear me scream "GET TO THE CHOPPAA"

-Rebaz Talei

i'm starting again.

2012-09-17 17:06:17 by rebaz

Sup everyone,

i started flash again. and i'm going to make some flash's from time to time. enjoy this untill the next one:


-Rebaz Talei

smoke weed errday

2011-02-02 10:56:41 by rebaz


took a long time for me and bendo, but here it is.

abobo's amazing journey for weed smoking.

smoke weed errday

Tom Fulp <3

2010-03-22 18:54:49 by rebaz

Tom Fulp <3
Tom Fulp <3
Tom Fulp <3
Tom Fulp <3

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you have forgotten.

2009-08-13 19:50:42 by rebaz

forgotten? why?

never forget, Double Dragon is the best.

-Rebaz Talei

DD&BT: The Super Show

2008-06-09 13:33:15 by rebaz


its done i guess xD enjoy having your time thinking what this is all about
i dont know either, so please when you see me on the streets dont hit me in the face ok =P?

-Rebaz Talei

DD&BT: The Super Show

DD/BT : The flash?/BS 4

2007-07-17 21:06:13 by rebaz

Sup NG
its been a while ago since ive been visiting NG
although this site go's hella crazy SLOW.

well , the thing i just wanna say
is some news about Be sprited 4
and a New Random flash about DD/BT(Double Dragon/Battle toads)

"if someone even cares -_-'. (like i got something better to do)

well, the thing is, I dont think we'l ever Finish Be sprited 4.
i dont know why. but we need some hot ass inspiration.
and nearly 90% of NG is now drawn stuff, and no more sprites

(no, sorry guys, SMBZ series does not inspire me, although its cool)

and for the NEw DD flash or so ,
i wassent about to make a New DD flash
but i was so bored on one day, that i made a DD flash around 2 Minutes long
and including with the Battletoads chars.

and later on i added some more animation
but now, i havent touched the Fla in MONTHS.
(its around 3/4 minutes)

so yea, that was just about it. i think i'l visit this website in like..
over 1/2 months... xD

anyway, if you actually read this all, you have absolutly NO life
Thanks you for your time xD

~Rebaz Talei